12 May 2014

New resource centres to help with food security in rural PNG

7:44 am on 12 May 2014

Papua New Guinea's National Agricultural Research Institute is establishing resource centres around the country as part of efforts to adopt new climate change strategies.

The Research and Development Coordinator of NARI's Islands Regional Centre, Ofara Petilani, says recent natural disasters and weather events in the region underline the importance of food security for PNG's mainly rural-based population.

Resource centres to cater for climate change impacts are being established with funding from AusAID.

Mr Petilani says the centres will be able to provide a range of resources, information and training on food processing and storage.

"It is very important because the people must know how to store food in times of strong winds or maybe heavy rains, flooding... they must have food in the house. And at the same time, at the resource centres they would have availability of seeds, planting materials or it could be livestocks."

Ofara Petilani.