9 May 2014

Tonga upset at World Bank plane review

7:01 pm on 9 May 2014

The Tongan deputy prime minister has criticised the World Bank for producing a report on the Tonga transport sector without any consultation with him.

As the minister for infrastructure, Samiu Vaipulu says it's unfair that the World Bank have finished their report without speaking to him.

The report was commissioned by Tonga and New Zealand in March, and was to include an analysis on the controversy of the MA-60 aircraft that China gave to Tonga in 2012.

The World Bank says the Tongan government has had opportunity to comment, as two drafts of the report have been shared with it on April the 13th and 18th.

But Mr Vaipulu says the draft says the MA-60 should be grounded, and as he was responsible for its certification process, he could have provided the facts.

"It is very very unfair on us. To me as minister of transport they have not contacted me and they have not met me to give them the true picture of what we did and how we did it."

Samiu Vaipulu.