9 May 2014

One contender left for CNMI Saipan casino licence

3:13 pm on 9 May 2014

The Northern Marianas Lottery Commission has rejected the application of Marianas Stars Entertainment Inc for the Saipan casino licence, after it failed to deposit 30 million US dollars in escrow on time.

Marianas Stars Entertainment and the other Saipan casino applicant, Best Sunshine International Ltd, needed to make the refundable deposit by May the 5th.

But CNMI government records show only Best Sunshine International was able to do this.

Our correspondent says the rejection of Marianas Stars Entertainment's application does not mean Best Sunshine International will now get the exclusive casino license.

The Commission's chair, Sixto Igisomar, says the Hong Kong-based investor's business plan still has to undergo a thorough review.