8 May 2014

Anger at Samoa Govt backing for NZ sex offender

4:21 pm on 8 May 2014

Samoa's Opposition has called on Government leaders to avoid showing support for criminal offenders.

The conviction and sentencing in New Zealand of a Samoan man, who was extradited to face sex charges, has prompted the call from the Tautua Samoa Party.

The criticism from the Opposition Leader, Palusalue Faapo II, comes after Fatu Seti, who fled to Samoa eight years ago, was jailed last week in a decision in the New Zealand High Court.

Palusalue was referring to a reference from the Prime Minister Tuila'epa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi, and the speaker Laauli Leuatea Polataivao, who asked for leniency before the court passed sentence.

He told reporters that what the Prime Minister and the Speaker had done was disgraceful and inappropriate for Government leaders because it shows support for sex offenders.

The Opposition Leader says no other country's leaders would make references to court in support of a criminal offender.