6 May 2014

Former Fiji Labour senator says coup was blessing in disguise

7:53 pm on 6 May 2014

A former Labour Party senator says he wants to be a part of the proposed Fiji First party headed by regime leader Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama because the coup leader has brought about positive change.

Bijai Prasad, who had a falling out with the Labour party leader Mahendra Chaudhry in 2007, has been named in the party line-up as a vice president.

Mr Prasad says at first he was not in favour of Mr Bainimarama because he led the removal of a democratically elected government in 2006.

But he says over time he has seen the changes the prime minister has brought about.

"And changes that we had longed, long before you know ever since Fiji's independence we wanted recognition. You know we were sort of treated like second class citizens here people of Indian origin but Bainimarama changed that perspective altogether."

Bijai Prasad says the coup was a blessing in disguise and the regime has implemented good land policies, better access to education, and improved infrastructure.