5 May 2014

ni-Vanuatu get better health service access

6:31 am on 5 May 2014

The Port Vila Municipal Council in Vanuatu is to set up medical clinics in schools and also provide free medical access to disabled people.

The Council's consultant, Jonathan Iavere, says people with disabilities will be issued with identity cards which will entitle them to free medical treatment at any clinic and the main hospital, Port Vila Central.

The school clinics will start in Port Vila and Mr Iavere says the first clinic will be opened by the Mayor, Ulrich Sumptoh, at Center School this week.

He says it will help ease disruptions to education caused by sickness.

"The idea of having the clinics there is because the access of having the health services in the schools. Nowadays whenever there is a kid having a problem or is sick at school they have to send them back home. It disrupts the education for that kid."

Port Vila Council's Jonathan Iavere.