3 May 2014

New leader of Fiji PDP decided today

4:53 am on 3 May 2014

The former general secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Congress hopes to become the new leader of the People's Democratic Party at its conference on Lautoka today.

Felix Anthony resigned as head of the congress and Sugar and General Workers Union on Friday.

He says he won't speculate on his chances of becoming leader PDP but will work for the party no matter the outcome.

"That is really up to the people, the membership of the party. Whatever the decision is I will respect that. That will not change my decision in any way. I will continue to be politically active for the party whatever the decision is."

Felix Anthony says the new leader is decided by members of the party and not just an executive committee.

He says he hopes to be more effective in opposing the governments electoral decrees as a member of parliament.