1 May 2014

Barrick Gold says PNG mine operates normally despite SoE

12:57 pm on 1 May 2014

A Canadian miner in Papua New Guinea says its Porgera gold mine in Enga province is continuing to operate normally, despite a declared state of emergency in the area.

Police officers and military personnel have been brought into the mining town as part of emergency measures to stop locals entering the mine, which is run by Barrick Gold.

Amelia Langford reports.

"A human rights group says the government and Barrick Gold must resettle indigenous landowners in the district who have resorted to illegal mining. A representative of the Akali Tange Association, Jethro Tulin, says a state of emergency will not address long-standing issues. In a statement, Barrick Gold, says the mine is peaceful and not in crisis-mode. Barrick says the Government decided to declare a state of emergency because of rising lawlessness in the district, not just at the mine. Barrick says it has been reporting chronic issues for some time, including illegal mining and an increase in violent assaults between mine employees and those illegally entering the mine. The company says there is an ongoing resettlement programme."