29 Apr 2014

Manus landowners decry Australia boomerang aid

12:42 pm on 29 April 2014

The owners of land housing Australia's detention centre on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island say Australia is practising boomerang aid over the camp.

One of the landowners, Porou Papi, says they initially saw the facility as an economic opportunity for Manus Island but Canberra has not used any of their resources, with many Australian contractors employed..

Mr Papi says the landowners feel Australia's actions make no sense.

"Now, the question is this: are they questioning the capabilities and the qualifications of we Manus citizens or the landowners? They are getting every - materials, everything - their food supplies from Australia. There are hundreds of Australians in the boarding hotel in Lombrum where the asylum seekers are and you hardly see them working in the camp. And then they go off with thousands and thousands of Australian dollars."

A landowner on Manus Island, Porou Papi