26 Apr 2014

Strong quake shakes Tonga

6:53 pm on 26 April 2014

A strong earthquake has struck Tonga just after nightfall, with the local radio immediately advising people along the coast to move inland.

The met service in Nuku'alofa initially reported that the quake measured 6.8, but the US Geological Survey now says it measured 6.5.

It also says it was 10 kilometres deep.

The general manager of the Tonga Broadcasting Corporation, Nanise Fifita, says first reports say the tremor knocked goods off shelves.

"The information from the weather bureau is that its strength was 6.8 on the Richter scale. we have just interviewed the officer on duty and the weather office and they are just advising people who are along the coastline to move away."

Nanise Fifita of the Tonga Broadcasting Corporation.

There has been no official tsunami warning.