25 Apr 2014

Leader on Solomons' Isabel says no to mining

10:45 am on 25 April 2014

Solomon Islands Minister of Culture and Tourism says the people of Isabel Province are now opting for tourism development over mining.

Samuel Manetoali was speaking at a recent tour organized by Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau to his Gao-Bugotu Constituency of Isabel Province.

Amelia Langford reports.

"He says mining will not be allowed in Isabel Province as more people now support tourism development because it is safe and sustainable. Mr Manetoali says a tourist resort has been started at the western tip of San Jorge Island where the nickel mineral is in abundance. But he says nickel mining won't be allowed on San Jorge Island. Two foreign mining companies, Sumitomo of Japan and Axiom of Australia have been carrying out nickel prospecting on the island of Isabel."