23 Apr 2014

Revelations Australian asylum seekers kept hidden in PNG hotel

6:40 pm on 23 April 2014

Australia's Asylum Seeker Resource Centre says a group of asylum seekers were kept hidden in a hotel in Papua New Guinea's capital following violent clashes at the Manus Island detention centre in February.

The Herald-Sun newspaper says nine asylum seekers who were transferred to Port Moresby for medical treatment were put up at the Gateway Hotel by the Australian government, one of them was still at the hotel at the beginning of the month.

The newspaper says the hotel had a pool and other facilities and asylum seekers received regular room service meals.

But the ASRC's Pamela Curr says the men were some of the worst injured in the clashes that killed an Iranian asylum seeker, and they were locked in their rooms without any access to hotel facilities.

"They hid some people in the motels and those people had injuries that would be very embarassing for government, for instance a man who had gunshot wounds in his hip, and another man who lost an eye."

Pamela Curr.