23 Apr 2014

Fearful Solomons flood victims forced back to work

4:11 pm on 23 April 2014

In Solomon Islands flood victims working for the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil limited are being forced to return to their flood prone housing complex today or lose their jobs.

As a result 23 GPPOL worker families and 31 individual employees at the Pavillion Evacuation Centre in Honiara are currently awaiting transportation back to their flood ravaged housing compound.

Among those waiting is Hilary Melati who says he fears conditions in the compound will make people sick.

"I believe moving us now is wrong but because they threatened us, most of us fear for our jobs and so we are returning to work. If we find more things are bad then we just have to confront the company ourselves and tell them that this treatment is not good."

200 GPPOL workers and their families were evacuated during floods earlier this month and most of them are understood to have returned to work under the same conditions.