23 Apr 2014

Sexual violence worsening in Vanuatu

2:02 pm on 23 April 2014

An increase in sexual offences in Vanuatu is being blamed on greater access to the internet and pornography brought in by overseas workers.

Serious rape cases made up more than half of last month's criminal cases in Vanuatu's Supreme Court.

Now there is a push to revive discussions about violence against women and the failure to curb the problem.

Vanuatu's Police Commissioner Arthur Caulton says there is a need to screen workers who return from work schemes in Australia and New Zealand.

"There has been an increase in sexual violence. There are a lot of people who are able to access internet porn sites. And also a lot of people who are coming from overseas. We are having issues with people coming back from the RSE [ Recognised Seasonal Employer] scheme and bringing back items that are not prohibited for Vanuatu."

Vanuatu Police Commissioner Arthur Caulton.