23 Apr 2014

Samoan boxers charged with assault in American Samoa released from custody

8:41 am on 23 April 2014

The two boxers from Samoa accused of assaulting another man in American Samoa have been fined and placed on probation.

Henry Tyrell and Fiamaua Hala were members of a boxing team from Samoa who were in the territory last week for the Flag Day International Boxing tournament.

They were initially charged with misdemeanor public peace disturbance.

Prosecutors later filed an additional misdemeanor third degree assault against each defendant.

District Court Judge John Ward sentenced each of the Samoan boxers a fine of 50 US dollars, placed on 12 months probation, and told the pair they must be law abiding citizens when ever they enter the territory.

The pair have been released from custody and are scheduled to return tomorrow to Samoa.