16 Apr 2014

Milne Bay MP blasts lack of relief efforts following Cyclone Ita in PNG

1:45 pm on 16 April 2014

A Papua New Guinea politician says the relief effort to small islands damaged by Cyclone Ita has been far too slow.

The MP for Samarai-Murua, Gordon Wesley, says the cyclone killed a woman and her child on Sudest Island, which is hundreds of kilometres south east of Milne Bay.

He says more than 1,000 houses were destroyed and 5,000 gardens were ruined, making food urgently needed in the remote islands.

He says his team has already relayed reports of damage and the national government and disaster managers need to get supplies on barges rather than continue with surveillance.

"The assistance are coming very very slow. Now we don't need any further assessments but to provide shelter and water and medication and food to the people but they seem to be creating unnecessary costs to sending choppers out there. All they want is the barges or boats to go out there and deliver."

the MP for Samarai-Murua, Gordon Wesley.