16 Apr 2014

Fears about social media reform in PNG unfounded - PFF

4:31 am on 16 April 2014

A Pacific media watchdog group, the Pacific Freedom Forum says fears about the Papua New Guinea government's proposed cyber crime policy are unfounded.

Some bloggers and other internet users are concerned the proposed policy could go too far in policing social media, and be used to block criticism of government.

But the co-chair of the forum, Titi Gabi, says the forum is working to closely with cabinet to ensure freedom of expression remains.

"Actually, they've been very good. We've been able to exchange views and positions, y'know, have a little friendly go at each other and then try to understand each other. We also network with those that have put the submission together and so far they've been fair."

Titi Gabi says everyone in Papua New Guinea needs to act responsibly on social media.