15 Apr 2014

Bougainville Red Cross says about 50 houses wrecked by quake

7:47 pm on 15 April 2014

The Red Cross in Papua New Guinea's Bougainville says it hopes aid can quickly be got to the victims of two strong earthquakes which struck the south of the province last Friday.

The provincial deputy chairperson, Aidah Kenneth, says about 50 houses collapsed and some food gardens were wrecked.

One child was killed in Buin when a building collapsed.

She says the Red Cross will make a formal report to the provincial disaster co-ordinator on Wednesday.

Ms Kenneth says people will need help with temporary shelter and rebuilding.

"To provide tarpaulins for temporary shelter while they have to rebuild their houses. There are some also, like widows, who will find it very difficult to rebuild so we are hoping that when we discuss with the co-ordinator we can maybe recommend that he provide some hardware, like nails and stuff like that, just to support them."

Aidah Kenneth.