14 Apr 2014

Proposed PNG cyber crime law an attempt to shut down criticism: Namah

7:17 am on 14 April 2014

Papua New Guinea's opposition leader says a proposed new cyber crime policy is a government attempt to shut down criticism of it on social media.

The policy seeks to control things like spam, hacking, forgery and computer fraud.

But a section that holds people to account for making slanderous or defamatory comments online has caused concern that it could be used to block free speech.

Belden Namah says the government is trying to extend the control it has over other forms of media in PNG to social media as well.

"My personal opinion is [that it's] encroaching into freedom of expression and freedom of speech and for a democracy like Papua New Guinea it is very dangerous and I don't think it's the best thing to do for the country."

Belden Namah says the government needs to grow a thicker skin and it should expect a lot of discussion and criticism about how it's running the country.