14 Apr 2014

Fiji regime breaches unlikely to be investigated - UFDF

7:17 am on 14 April 2014

A Fiji opposition grouping says any breaches of the law by the military regime are unlikely to be investigated until democracy is restored.

Mick Beddoes says Fiji is a military dictatorship, and Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama and his associates have a different set of rules to everyone else.

Mr Beddoes says he has made complaints against Rear Admiral Bainimarama for being in breach of his own decrees, but none has been followed up with an investigation.

He says while it is clear the police will not question the Prime Minister, complaints against the regime still need to be made.

"The day will come, if not this September, but the day will come when our democracy does return and the rule of law is re-established. And those who did not act will have to then explain themselves as to why they never took action. We hope there is somebody in the midst of all of this who is upright and who is just, and will see the difference between right and wrong and do something about it."

The leader of UFDF, Mick Beddoes.