13 Apr 2014

Solomon Islanders on alert after big quake near Makira

10:37 am on 13 April 2014

People in Solomon Islands are being warned to be on alert and stay listening to the radio in case of more tremors after a major earthquake off Makira sparked a tsunami warning.

The warning, for Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu, was lifted about an hour after the tremor.

The magnitude 7 point 6 tremor was at a depth of 33 kilometres and about 300 kilometres from the capital Honiara.

Its epicentre was near where a similar quake occurred on Friday a week ago.

Another earthquake hit neighbouring Bougainville on Friday night claiming at least one life.

Our correspondent in Honiara, Dorothy Wickham, says there no reports of damage through yet but people in the capital felt it.

"Tremor's what woke me up this morning. I think the previous one we had during the floods, I think about 6.1, there was a slight tremor here in Honiara but we didn't really feel it but this morning it was actually quite strong. Buildings actually shook here. Basically what's issued now is for them to be listening out to the radio and taking note of what is happening around them, and just be careful of where they are, in case another tremor comes and it's stronger than the one at 7.30 this morning."