11 Apr 2014

NZ government misguided on Fiji elections - UFDF

3:20 pm on 11 April 2014

A leading Fiji political grouping says the New Zealand government's view that good progress is being made towards elections is misguided.

The New Zealand Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, has said he is satisfied with the election machinery in place, and will provide financial support for re-establishing Fiji's parliament.

But Mick Beddoes of the United Front for a Democratic Fiji says Mr McCully is getting his information from regime leaders, the very people who usurped democracy in 2006.

"If the Foreign Affairs minister of New Zealand prefers to take what they say as what is on the ground then that's fine. But as far as what is actually going on, no. Things are not fine, things are not free, things are not fair. And everybody, it appears, except the New Zealand and Australia government seem to know it."

Mick Beddoes says it appears as though the international community just wants an election, even if it is flawed.

He says there is no point in having an election if it is not free and fair, as the same problems in Fiji politics will continue to occur.