11 Apr 2014

Australian miner says Solomons' pull out reports are wrong

1:44 pm on 11 April 2014

The Australian mining company, St Barbara, has assured Solomon Islands it is not pulling out of the country.

This comes after its subsidiary Gold Ridge Mining Ltd withdrew all personnel from its Gold Mine on Guadalcanal following last week's torrential rain.

The company's director, Tim Lehany, says to ensure safety, all operations ended on Thursday April the 3rd and all staff were withdrawn by Monday.

There have been reports in Solomon Islands the company is considering quitting the country but Mr Lehany says that is not the case.

He says an assessment team is on stand by to check the state of the mine, and this will be followed by site stabilisation work.

He says all wages and other commitments will be met despite the shutdown.

Mr Lehany says the company has also made a donation of 93,000 US dollars towards the Australian Red Cross's work in the Solomons' in the wake of the floods and promises more will come.

At the request of the Solomons' Prime Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, 33 Australian police were flown in on Wednesday to provide security at the Gold Ridge site.