9 Apr 2014

Fiji regime leader again promises to disclose income

3:39 pm on 9 April 2014

The Fiji regime leader, Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama, has told people in Sigatoka that he will disclose his income and assets within weeks after insisting for years it be kept secret.

After being repeatedly challenged by political parties ousted in the 2006 coup, the regime said last year it would give the information but deferred such disclosures while forcing politicians lining up for the September elections to declare what they earn and own.

While campaigning for two weeks in apparent defiance of the regime decree on political parties, Rear Admiral Bainimarama has told Fijivillage that he will follow the law and declare his assets, income and liabilities soon.

He says he will do so when he applies for the registration of his proposed party, Fiji First.

He was reported to police for breaching the decree, but neither the police nor the Electoral Commission have responded.

Fijivillage says Rear Admiral has ended his leave from the prime minister's office which he used to campaign for his proposed party around Viti Levu.