9 Apr 2014

NZ aid taking integrated approach to helping PNG food growers

1:24 pm on 9 April 2014

New Zealand is working with large food producers in Papua New Guinea to help expand the market for locally grown food.

One part of this is the just announced multi million dollar support for a redevelopment of the Gordon's Market in Port Moresby.

The New Zealand Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, who is in Port Moresby, says they are also planning to construct cool stores in the Highlands and to try and improve transport from the rural areas to the markets.

He says they are taking an integrated approach.

"Where we try and boost the capacity of the producers, working in partnership with local farmers, enable them to get the fresh produce into chillers, to reliably get it to market and then make sure that the market arrangements are significantly better than those that are there at the moment. This will significantly replace the importation of product from other countries."

The New Zealand Foreign Minister, Murray McCully