9 Apr 2014

Vanuatu encouraged to fix fire service

4:47 am on 9 April 2014

A member of the Pacific Island Fire Association says it is for Vanuatu authorities to ensure it has a proper fire service.

This comes after a recent fire in Port Vila was left to burn because the fire truck at a nearby station had no fuel.

Vanuatu officers are now being forced to take portable pumps in their own vehicles to fight fires around the capital.

Jill Edwards, who is an executive member of the Pacific Island Fire Association, says the Vanuatu problem is unheard of.

"I have not heard other issues of fuel availability to the other nations. This is different, Vanuatu - in my experience - it is something new. I didn't realise that was happening in Vanuatu. That's a matter for the local minister and the nation of Vanuatu to work through that."

Jill Edwards of the Pacific Island Fire Association.