8 Apr 2014

Supplies getting through to Solomons flood victims

5:51 pm on 8 April 2014

The chairman of the national disaster committee in Solomon Islands says food is getting through to evacuation centres in the Capital, where about a fifth of Honiara's population fled after last week's floods.

23 people are confirmed dead and more than 20 are still unaccounted for.

About 10,000 have sought shelter in 24 evacuation centres around the capital but officials believe that number will start decreasing slowly.

Melchior Mataki, says there were some initial logistical problems getting food rations to the centres because some roads and bridges were damaged.

"But now food supplies are now going up to all the evacuation centres and on top of that too some of the evacuation centres were established even without our knowledge and so the number kept on increasing even up until yesterday."

The chairman of the national disaster committee, Melchior Mataki.