2 Apr 2014

Red Cross says will work with government over Ha'apai rebuild

7:40 pm on 2 April 2014

The head of Tonga's Red Cross says he's happy with the two houses it built in Ha'apai following devastation from Tropical Cyclone Ian in January.

Radio Tonga reports the government as saying the Red Cross has no permit for reconstruction work aimed at building 200 temporary homes.

But the General Secretary of the NGO, Sione Taumoefolau, says there are many lessons learnt from the project.

He says the two homes just completed are core houses and were given to families with disabled members who were in need.

"We are happy with what we've been doing. But I'd like to share this one with the government. And if they say this, to suspend it, we will pull out from activity like this. We will spend our activities may be on a health issue or some other activity on Ha'apai."

General Secretary of Tonga's Red Cross Sione Taumoefolau