1 Apr 2014

Students to maintain boycott until Schram back in PNG

4:18 pm on 1 April 2014

Students at the University of Technology in Lae in Papua New Guinea say they want to see the deported vice chancellor, Dr Albert Schram, safely re-installed before they will return to classes.

Dr Schram's removal from the post a year ago sparked protests from students.

In recents weeks students have boycotted classes, using the slogan No Schram No School.

Last week, the government appointed Sir Nagora Bogan as the chancellor of the university and he announced Dr Schram will return.

But the liaison officer for the Students' Representative Council, Stanley Kombra Tepoka, says students are sceptical.

"Last year we were promised by the government that everything is going to be solved and they were going to restore good governance and bring him back, but when we agreed and we went back to class, nothing happened. So from past experience we cannot accept what decisions were made for us, telling us you must go back to to class as Schram is going to come back."

The Students' Representative Council, Stanley Kombra Tepoka.