1 Apr 2014

Samoa Animal Protection Society calls for help with stray dogs

3:15 pm on 1 April 2014

The Samoa Animal Protection Society says it continues to do all it can to help with the stray dog problem in the country, but it needs more help from government ministries.

Preparations are underway for the Small Island Developing States conference in September, including dealing with the stray dog problem.

The business manager for the Samoa Animal Protection Society, Fale Neemia Smith, says every few days they patrol areas to help treat and desex stray dogs.

She says they want to do more, but the support to fund the drugs needed, is not there.

"Even if we have a Ministry, or a company, that will offer APS all the drugs to go out and treat these animals, or perhaps euthanise the very sick animals, and desex the other lot, certainly APS would be more active. But because of funding, it's a problem, a lack of support from other Ministries, we can't do it. APS is quite happy to go out and do more".

Fale Neemia Smith.

Neither the Samoa Tourism Authority, nor the Ministry of Police, which is the agency that leads the government's Canine Control Programme, have been available for comment.