1 Apr 2014

Confusion over wages for domestic help in American Samoa still an issue

12:11 pm on 1 April 2014

The American Samoa representative for the US Department of Labor says there's still a lot of confusion about paying wages for live-in domestic workers.

Many families in the territory bring relatives from Samoa who become members of their households looking after young children, working in gardens and doing other chores.

An official with the department, Michael Eastwood, says domestic workers are entitled to the minimum wage of US$4.20 per hour, and employers can take a credit for meals and lodgings provided to the domestic worker.

"But they still need to pay the minimum wage and even with the credit for meals and lodging, there are still significant wages that need to be owed to an employee. So if you are an employee and you are not making the minimum wage you should call us. And if you are a person who has a domestic worker that's working for you, you can also call us to find out more information."

Michael Eastwood of the US department of labour.