31 Mar 2014

UFDF complains about Bainimarama decree breach to police

4:51 pm on 31 March 2014

The co-ordinator of Fiji's main political grouping has filed a police complaint saying Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama has breached the Political Parties Decree.

Mick Beddoes of the UFDF says Rear Admiral Bainimarama should be held accountable for breaching the decree because he is campaigning and appointing candidates before his party has been registered.

He says the police have received his complaint and although he has no confidence it will conduct an independent investigation, it will prove a point.

"If the police is acting independently they probably would be interested to investigate and take appropriate action. If they don't, and nothing much happens to it, then the reverse is what they're confirming; that there is no independent, impartial institution acting in the best interest of the people."

Mick Beddoes says his complaint is also against media outlets like the Fiji Sun, and several other government individuals.

The Fiji Police say they've received Mr Beddoes complaint but aren't commenting further.