31 Mar 2014

New leader of Fiji party wants debate on economy with regime leader

2:46 pm on 31 March 2014

The newly elected leader of Fiji's National Federation Party Biman Prasad has challenged the leader of the Fiji regime, Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama, to an economic debate before the election.

The former professor at the University of the South Pacific says the Bainimarama government's policies have put a significant burden on the poor in Fiji.

He says the increasing cost of living and inflation have pushed a lot of people into poverty.

"Let me just give you an example. When this government came into power they said very quickly they were going to reduce the Value Added Tax from 12.5% to 10%. They did the opposite. They actually increased the tax to 15%. So one of the things that the National Federation Party will do when it gets into government is to immediately reduce the VAT from 15 to 10%.

Dr Prasad says addressing Fiji's dismal growth record will also be a focus for the party.