26 Mar 2014

Training in Papua to help women be more involved in elections

6:39 pm on 26 March 2014

A group of women in Indonesia's Papua province is being trained this week to work in the election process.

The 2011 Election Law says at least 30 per cent of election organisers should be women, but Anna Lumban Gaol from the University of Indonesia's Center for Political Studies says the law is too loose and not implemented.

She says there are excuses from local authorities that local women are not prepared to get involved in elections, but there are 100 women attending workshops in Jayapura and Manokwari this week.

Anna Lumban Gaol says she hopes the national elections in April will be a test case, but at this late stage, there are only roles for election observers.

"It's a classic excuse of the local government that there are no women who are ready to be recruited. Through this training we are giving 100 names, ready to be recruited. 100 names already equipped, with knowledge of elections and also some soft skills that are needed in the electoral monitoring and management work."

Anna Lumban Gaol.