24 Mar 2014

UN investigator on killings says PNG needs better human rights body

3:04 pm on 24 March 2014

There are calls from the United Nations for Papua New Guinea to set up a proper human rights commission, following the visit of the special rapporteur on illegal killings.

Christof Heyns toured the country last week before issuing an initial report of his findings.

He is due to report at length to the UN next year, but says the lack of a human rights commission is a glaring gap.

He says police brutality is an issue, mainly because of the inadequate number of police officers, but he says the recent increase in numbers is an opportunity to set new, higher standards.

"I think they need basic education and then also some technical issues within the police, for example, the complaints procedure can be made more independent especially with the collaboration of the public solicitor."

Christof Heyns.