24 Mar 2014

NZ employer says RSE scheme kicking goals for workers and companies

8:15 am on 24 March 2014

A New Zealand wine grower says the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme has helped his own company find stability with lots of the workers returning year after year.

The Director of Vinepower, Jono Bushell, says it's an attractive prospect for workers, as they are learning new skills and he has just completed new accommodation facilitites for them.

He says without the scheme the workers don't have a stable income, and if they do find work back home in Vanuatu, they would be earning less than $2 US dollars an hour.

He says on contract in New Zealand, some workers can earn $15 US dollars an hour and work 40 to 50 hours a week, and his company enjoys the continuity.

"A lot of the guys have been maybe four, five, six times, so we get the same people working on the same blocks, on the same plants, on an annual basis, so it has a huge impact on the quality of work that's happening."

Jono Bushell.