21 Mar 2014

Vanuatu workers in NZ learning how to invest their money back home

3:04 pm on 21 March 2014

A meeting in New Zealand's south island last night advised more than 60 ni-Vanuatu workers how to best use their pay, and to invest it wisely in schemes back home.

The Auckland-based Pacific Islands Trade and Invest organised the workshop - one of a series held annually around the country.

There are between 2,500 and 3000 ni-Vanuatu workers in New Zealand as part of the Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme.

The High Commissioner of Vanuatu, Mckenzie Kalotiti, says the scheme is working well but the workers are uneducated and from all over the 83 Vanuatu islands and need to understand how to handle money.

"It's changed a lot of people's lives dramatically, in the rural areas, and even the school-leavers or the dropouts or those who can't find jobs, this scheme has done a lot for them, not just financially but mentally and physically and spiritually. Because these workers come from a long long way to make their lives better by joining the scheme and like I say it's added value to the economy of Vanuatu and it's added value to the people's lives as well."

The High Commissioner of Vanuatu, Mckenzie Kalotiti.