20 Mar 2014

American Samoa Govt Directors told to watch travel budgets

12:45 pm on 20 March 2014

Directors of government departments in American Samoa have been told to watch their travel budget and if possible, have someone else replace them for off island meetings.

Previously Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga instructed directors they shouldn't take all the overseas trips but consider using other staff members for local and Federally funded travel.

At a cabinet meeting this week, acting governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga says he's noticed that some directors are away a lot, and a lot of departments hold their retreats in Samoa .

Lemanu says departments could be using that money in the territory instead and also hold their retreats on Manu'a.

"And Manu'a is just like any other places in the Pacific. We have food there, we have scenery there, we have a lot of history there, everything that you can find. Please directors, look into Manu'a for your next retreat or your next conference or your next meet."

The acting governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga.