19 Mar 2014

Opposition party in Solomons outlines community development plans

12:07 pm on 19 March 2014

The People's Alliance Party in the Solomons says the prime minister is ignoring small and medium-sized businesses, and says it vows to stand up for them if elected to government this year.

The Party's Executive member, Martin Housanau, says Gordon Darcy Lilo is out of line for enticing investors from New Zealand while the Government fails to support the efforts by owners of small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas.

He also accuses the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry for pushing for multinational investors to invest in Solomon Islands while it ignores the desires of owners of medium-sized enterprises to prosper.

Mr Housanau says the chamber of commerce is only representing the interests of foreign companies.

He says his party will spend more money on village and community development if it's elected to Government this year.

The party says it will ensure rural-based owners of small and medium-sized enterprises are given the necessary training so their ventures will become viable, profitable and will be properly managed.