18 Mar 2014

Fiji women identify key election issues

4:26 pm on 18 March 2014

About 50 young women leaders in Fiji have identified the main election issues they want addressed, including gay rights, reproductive health and government accountability.

The second Young Women's Forum held over the weekend aimed to encourage participants to vote in the elections promised for September and to make sure women's needs are being met.

The founder of a transgender-led group, Haus of Khameleon, Sulique Waka says forum participants came together from all areas of Fiji life to encourage each other to have a voice.

She says they identified issues they want discussed leading up to the election.

"A broad range of issues was discussed - accessibility to voting, peace and security, accountability, active and meaningful civil and political participation, access to sexual reproductive health and rights, also calling the state and political parties to ensure accountability and transparency."

Sulique Waka says they came away feeling empowered, and took a pledge to vote in the elections planned for September.