18 Mar 2014

Fiji dengue outbreak expected to affect 24,000 people

3:00 pm on 18 March 2014

Fiji's Ministry of Health says up to 24,000 people in the country will experience dengue fever during the current outbreak, the worst recorded since 1975.

Twelve people have died and 11,359 cases recorded since October.

The Ministry's communicable diseases advisor, Mike Kama, says 1,000 people have contracted dengue every week for the last six weeks.

Dr Kama says this has put a strain on hospitals.

"In terms of the management of the masses that flock to the health centres at this point and time - we've had to build some extra facilities especially for the outpatient department. We've had to bring in some volunteers from our NGOs to work in our triage section. We've been managing quite well, considering the burden."

Dr Kama says the ministry has a three-month plan underway to stop the outbreak, focusing on surveillance, clinical management, prevention and clean-up.