18 Mar 2014

New edition of epic love poem to be published this month

5:31 am on 18 March 2014

An 88 page epic love poem to Polynesia, Niue and the ocean, described as a precocious masterpiece, is to be brought back to life in a new edition being published this month.

Niuean artist John Pule first published 'The Bond of Time : an epic love poem', himself in 1985, and a second edition was put out in 1998 by the University of the South Pacific.

A third edition is being released at the end of the month by the Canterbury University Press.

John Pule says he's excited with the new edition, describing the poem as always being a wild animal, but now it's claws have been sharpened, and it's been given some teeth.

He says the poem still retains it's 1980s youth, but is slicker than the original, which was full of flaws.

"It's a love poem to Polynesia, it's a love poem to Niue, it's a love poem to the village I was born in, to the ocean, so if people are interested in Pasifika poetry, written in English, this book will be for them."

Niuean artist and poet, John Pule.