17 Mar 2014

Nauru opposition tells NZ and Australia to stop pussyfooting

12:31 pm on 17 March 2014

A Nauru opposition MP has called on Australia and New Zealand to take action and stop so-called pussy footing around Nauru's judicial crisis.

Roland Kun says the resignation of Nauru's chief justice Geoffrey Eames last week has plunged the country into a judicial abyss which seriously restricts anyone seeking a fair hearing in the courts.

Mr Kun says Nauru's Minister for Justice David Adeang had ridden roughshod over legal conventions and even the constitution.

He says Nauru's judicial credibility should be a top concern for Australia because of the asylum seeker cases before the courts.

And Mr Kun says New Zealand must surely be wondering if its annual funding of the law and justice sector is a legitimate use of taxpayers' dollars.

Lsat week the Nauru government welcomed Mr Eames' resignation saying it would allow the government to fast-track reforms including the appointment of more Supreme Court justices, a maximum contract period for judges and magistrates, and a separate registrar of the court.