15 Mar 2014

Fiji's Yabaki says he is staying despite media reports

6:51 am on 15 March 2014

The chief executive of a Fiji NGO, the Citizens Constitutional Forum, says his job is safe despite media reports to the contrary.

The reports says the CCF board had given Reverend Akuila Yabaki two months to leave his job or he would be dismissed, following his alleged sacking of a staff member.

But Reverend Yabaki says that claim is untrue and he is unclear how such reports originated.

"We are calling it inaccurate reporting and I think, we will still need to find out. I think sooner or later it will come [out], it is a small place, it should become clear in the next few days how that came about. "

Reverend Akuila Yabaki says he enjoys his job and it is business as usual.

He says one staff member has lost their job recently but that person was on a three-month probationary period.