14 Mar 2014

French Polynesian mayor convicted of crippling half-brother seeks re-election

5:51 am on 14 March 2014

A French Polynesian mayor is seeking re-election in this month's municipal election although he won't be allowed to assume office.

Aberahama Fariki has been sentenced to 30 months in jail and the loss of civic rights for five years this week for crippling his half-brother in 2012.

However, he is still an approved candidate because the list was finalised before the court ruling.

Should the people of Tematangi in the Tuamotu archipelago re-elect Fariki, a by-election will have to be called within weeks.

As the owner of the island's only telephone, he waited for days to call for help for his injured half-brother and then initially claimed he had fallen off a coconut tree.

Fariki has an earlier conviction for domestic violence.