10 Mar 2014

Samoa dengue scare prompts advisory in American Samoa

3:06 pm on 10 March 2014

The American Samoa Department of Health has issued an advisory for travellers heading to Samoa following a confirmed case of dengue fever reported there.

The Samoa Ministry of Health reported on the weekend that one case has been found there - a man who believes he was infected while in Fiji.

Samoa's Chief Executive Officer of Health, Leausa Dr Take Naseri, says health personnel must be vigilant, because there have been several outbreaks in Pacific Island countries recently.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, says there is a concern dengue fever could spread through the eight flights a day between the two Samoas.

"Because one man in Samoa was found to have dengue, and this person believes he contracted the disease in Fiji, the health authorities in American Samoa have issued an alert, warning travellers to Samoa to be aware that there's dengue in Samoa, and they need to protect themselves."

Monica Miller says health inspectors at the airport and port are also on high alert and will report any traveler coming from Samoa who may exhibit symptoms of dengue, to be tested.