10 Mar 2014

Tropical Cyclone Lusi expected to intensify

3:06 pm on 10 March 2014

The Fiji weather office is warning a newly named tropical cyclone affecting Vanuatu could intensify as it moves closer to Fiji.

The Fiji Meteorological Service says Tropical Cylone Lusi is at present slow moving as it hangs over the sea between Vanuatu's northern islands of Santo and Vanua Lava.

The service's director, Alipate Waqaicelua, says Lusi is expected to start moving east south east later today, and Fiji may start feeling the effects of its wind and rain by Wednesday or Thursday.

"It's just a weak cyclone at this stage, it's just developing, but the thing we need to note is it is intensifying, it is developing further and it may become a Category 2 later tomorrow."

Alipate Waqaicelua of the Fiji Meteorological Service