7 Mar 2014

Amnesty to put Fiji torture video to UN Council

10:15 am on 7 March 2014

Amnesty International says the Fiji government's apparent failure to investigate a filmed beating of recaptured prisoners will form part of the watchdog's submission to the UN on Fiji's human rights record.

Fiji is due for review at the Human Rights Council in October as part of the UN's Universal Periodic Review process.

The system gives all member countries a chance to show the steps they have taken to meet their human rights obligations.

Amnesty's Grant Bayldon says it will make submissions on a range of human rights issues in Fiji.

"That does include brutality by security forces that has gone uninvestigated and sadly the torture video is not an isolated example. We've documented prior to that a number of cases of security force brutality and torture of recaptured prisoners which have gone uninvestigated."

Mr Bayldon says Amnesty is calling on the Fiji government to take the process seriously and carry out the recommendations made.