5 Mar 2014

Military command handover marks end of era, says Bainimarama

11:26 pm on 5 March 2014

Fiji's regime leader, Frank Bainimarama, has officially handed over command of the country's military forces which he says marks the beginning of a new era for Fiji.

The leader of the 2006 coup handed over to the former land forces commander Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga, in a ceremony at Suva's Queen Elizabeth Barracks.

In his speech at the ceremony, Mr Bainimarama said the handover marks the beginning of a new era for the RFMF and the country.

He admitted a feeling of regret upon leaving a job that he dearly loves, but says he's intensely conscious of his duty to continue the revolution that he and the military began with the 2006 coup - to create a new Fiji, a better Fiji for ourselves and for future generations.

He described the 2013 Constitution, which requires him to relinquish his military career if he is to contest the forthcoming election, as the supreme law of the land and the blueprint for the new Fiji being built.

The Prime Minister emphasised that the RFMF is the guardian of the nation and the protector of every Fijian and Fiji's constitution, which he urged all soldiers and citizens to do their utmost to uphold.