4 Mar 2014

Election law changes proposed for American Samoa

11:44 am on 4 March 2014

The Election Office in American Samoa is drafting a new law which would give the governor the power to call off an election in a natural disaster.

No such laws exist at the moment on the territory's statute books.

The proposal gives the power of postponement and the adoption of a contingency plan in case of a natural disaster.

It is among three proposed legislative changes in the Election Office's quarterly report.

The office also proposes amending the law to decide a tied vote by lot under the supervision of the Chief Electoral Officer.

Another amendment proposed allows for a two week preparation period for a run-off race after the seven day contested period post election.

Current law calls for the run-off race to be held 14 days after the general election, and does not take into consideration the 7 day contested period.